Dermestid Beetles

Dermestid Beetles

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Dermestid Beetles have a wide variety of uses.  Dermestid Beetles like to feed on dry or moist animal material. This includes animal carcasses and waste.  They are used to clean the meat from animal skulls, like those of deer and bears.  They are also used to help keep the enclosures of other feeder insects, like crickets and roaches, clean.

We include a variety of sizes in one package (pupa, larvae, and full grown beetles) because you need all sizes to begin and sustain a colony.  If you are using them to keep your cricket container clean, you may only need a few hundred.  If you are wanting to clean animal skulls, you are going to need thousands.

**We do not recommend feeding these to your animals, as the shells may be too hard for some animals.**

We include potatoes so the beetles have a source of food and water. We also include heatpacks, when necessary.

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