Breeding Live Crickets

A lot of people ask us how we breed the crickets and get baby crickets.  Let me start by saying, it is not a simple task.  Crickets have to have very specific conditions to lay eggs and for the eggs to hatch.  If you deviate too far from their ideal conditions, the eggs simply will not produce.  That being said, it is still very possible for you to breed your own crickets.

Adult crickets are the crickets that will breed.  As long as you have males and females in the container together, they will breed.  You can tell the difference between males and females because the females have a little tube that looks like a tail, this tube allows them to lay their eggs.

Put some moist peat moss in a small container.  Make sure this peat moss has plenty of moister, but it cannot be completely soaked either. 

Place this container into your tub with the crickets, and leave them in the container for a few days.  The female crickets will lay their eggs in the moist peat moss.

After they have had a few days to lay eggs, remove the container from the tub of crickets, and place it into a separate tub.  This is important because it will prevent the older crickets from eating the eggs and their babies.  You need to keep these eggs at a temperature of around 80 to 90 degrees, and the peat moss needs to stay moist.  Additionally, you need to go ahead and put a little feed and a moist sponge in the container.  This way they will have a source of food and water.  They generally take 7 to 10 days to hatch.  

Make sure you keep plenty of food and water with your new crickets.  They may be small but they still have big appetites and they are growing!

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