About Us

Russell Barton Jr, manager of BuyFeederCrickets, is part of a family that has been in the cricket business since the 1960s. He is part of the fourth generation of his family in the cricket business.

Russell's great grandfather started selling crickets in Orangeburg, SC, for fishing in the early 1960s.  Russell's grandfather and grandmother joined his great grandfather in this business shortly after he started it.  They began increasing production and helped expand the business throughout the southeast.

Russell's father took over the business in the late 1990s, and lead the business through some difficult times.  There were many changes in the market during this time, including moving from being primarily for fishing to being primarily for pet food.  He also led them through challenging times when many other cricket farms were failing because of the virus that wiped out many cricket populations.

Russell's father and brother now manage the production side of the business.  They have built an entirely new facility to better raise crickets in larger quantities that are healthier.  They have also expanded the breeds of crickets they raise.  They are one of the few farms that raises both the acheta and banded crickets.

Russell expanded into the online sales area in 2014, and created the BuyFeederCrickets brand for this purpose.  BuyFeederCrickets sells the same great breed, the acheta crickets, that we started with in the 1960s.  We also sell the new breed, the banded crickets, that has become popular with so many pet owners.