Company History

Russell Barton Jr. is a proud member of a family who has been in the cricket business for generations. Since the 1960s, Russell's family has been providing top-quality crickets to customers across the Southeast. Today, Russell is the fourth generation of his family to continue the legacy.

It all started when Russell's great grandfather began selling crickets in Orangeburg, SC, for fishing. Russell's grandparents soon joined the family business and helped expand it throughout the region. With their tireless efforts, production increased, and the quality of their crickets improved.

Russell's father took over the family business in the late 1990s, and he led the company through challenging times. The market was changing, and the demand for crickets was shifting from fishing to pet food. Additionally, a virus was wiping out cricket populations, leading many farms to fail. Despite these obstacles, Russell's father persevered and kept the family business afloat.

Today, Russell's father and brother manage the production side of the business. They have built a state-of-the-art facility to raise crickets that are healthy and abundant. Moreover, they have expanded the breeds of crickets they raise to include both the acheta and banded crickets.

In 2014, Russell took the family business to the next level by launching an online sales platform. He created BuyFeederCrickets, which offers the same top-quality acheta crickets that Russell's family has been producing since the 1960s. Additionally, BuyFeederCrickets now offers the new breed of banded crickets, which has become incredibly popular with pet owners.

Through four generations, Russell's family has remained committed to providing the best crickets to their customers. With their dedication, they have overcome challenges and have continued to grow and thrive. BuyFeederCrickets is proud to carry on the family legacy and offer the finest crickets to pet owners everywhere.