Live Crickets and Calcium

One of the biggest mistakes we see pet owners make is giving their crickets too much calcium. Many people try to dust their crickets with calcium daily or gut load them with calcium in their food.  This can cause major problems for the crickets. First, when crickets are eating too much calcium, they are not getting the other nutrients they need to stay healthy.  Second, crickets have an exoskeleton and need to molt. Giving crickets too much calcium hardens their exoskeleton and makes it harder for them to molt. Both of these things will cause your crickets to die much sooner than they should.

You should really only be dusting your crickets just before you feed them to your pet.  If you want to gut load your crickets, begin giving them high calcium food about 24 hours before your feeding. This will help your crickets stay at optimum health when you feed them to your pet.

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