Collection: Live Crickets

We currently sell two types of live crickets. We offer the Acheta Domesticus (commonly known as the house cricket) and the Gryllodes Sigillatus (commonly known as the banded cricket).

Each cricket has its on unique benefits.  We include some information on each breed below to help you make your decision.  They are both excellent choices for your pet.

Acheta Domesticus (House Crickets)

Not overly aggressive towards animals or humans.
Excellent source of protein for your pet.
Moves slower, which makes it easier for your pet to catch.
Gets slightly larger than the banded crickets.
Has been the industry standard for over 50 years.

      Gryllodes Sigillatus (Banded Crickets) NEW!!!

      Not overly aggressive towards animals or humans.
      Has a higher protein content than the Acheta Domesticus.
      Moves quicker, so it gives your pet more of a challenge.
      Typically considered more hearty and lives better than the Acheta Domesticus.