How do I get my crickets from the shipping box to my cricket keeper?

So you have ordered your crickets in bulk for the first time, and you now see that they have arrived loose in the box.  You might be wondering how you are going to get them out of this shipping box and into your cricket keeper.  If the keeper is big enough, you can simply place the box in the keeper, open it as you would a normal package, and dump the contents out.  If the keeper is smaller, there are ways to get the crickets into the keeper.  Don't worry!  It is really very easy. 

Follow the instructions below to easily transfer your crickets from the shipping box to your cricket keeper:

  1. Find a 13-gallon trash bag.
  2. Inspect the bag closely and make sure that the bag has no holes in it.
  3. Cut your cricket box open at the top.
  4. Place your cricket box into the 13-gallon trash bag. 
  5. Dump the contents of the box into the trash bag.  Be sure to tap the box multiple times so they all come loose.
  6. Shake off the egg dividers into the bag.
  7. Dump the contents of the bag into your cricket keeper.

Transferring your acheta or banded crickets is really very easy with this simple technique.  

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